Kazhani Formers Producers Company Limited

KFPCL, is located in the important irrigation map of India in the belt of Bhavani River basin, Tamil Nadu, in Southern part of the country. The company was incorporated on 29th June 2016 with 1000 farmers as it’s Shareholders.

Our FPO business model comprises of a group of 30 village Panchayats spread over an area of 30Sq Kms. FIGs(Farmers Interest Group) are formed in all the villages as village level basic groups. These FIGs consist of 12 -20 farmers, JLG’s(Joining Liability Group ) Consist of 4-6 Farmers, SAG’s(Self Affinity Groups) consist of 10-20 members each and 52 such FIGs, JLG’s and SAG’s  have been federated into Kazhani Farmers Producer Company Ltd (KFPCL), which consists of 1000 members. 

Currently thousand farmers covering an area of 5000 acres are involved in agriculture and cultivation of Paddy, Banana, Tapioca, Papaya, Fruits, Turmeric, Groundnut, Onion & Vegetables, Millets, Coconuts, tender coconuts, Pepper, Ginger, Sugarcane, wooden and bamboo handicrafts, Cashew, Cardamom,grams, nuts and Spices, etc..


Kazhani Farmers Producer Company Limited is being formed with the Vision of establishing direct linkages between farmers and consumers, whereby the farmers can directly sell to the consumer and get a better share of consumer money. Also, the KFPCL aims to reducing the production cost of Paddy, Onion and Banana by procuring bulk inputs.


To make available timely and quality input to the member farmers at reasonable Price.
To support member farmers through technical advisory
To develop efficient market linkages To establish network of partners and develop mutual relationship with these partners for the growth and development of the Organization